BFG KM2 35x12.50x17



The Mod:

Upgrade the tires.

What it does:

The stock tires are 255/75R17 (32x10.00x17). These tires provide a little more ground clearance and a wider footprint that helps to keep the Jeep on the rocks. Also, when you get your tires from Discount Tire you can purchase certificates that provide a lifetime replacement warrantee in case of tire damage (which we tend to get).


The tires on AEV Pintlers:

Here's a picture when flexing in the rear - there's not a lot of room between the tire and the rock sliders:

Before installing the tires you'll need a lift and new wheels.

After installing the tires you'll need to re-calibrate the computer for the new tire size and pressure using the AEV ProCal.

You'll also need to modify the spare tire bumpers.

You may also want to re-gear.

You may also want to modify the sliders so they fit better.

I run the tires at 30 psi on the highway and 12 psi off-road.

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