AEV ProCal



The Mod:

Actually it's more of a tool than a mod.

What it does:

The AEV ProCal plugs into your ODB-II port to change startup computer setting - like the size of your tires, if you want daytime running lights, one-touch lane change, etc. I got it mainly because I got new tires and needed to get the computer to recognize the new size.


Here's what you get:

To set the tire size you measure the tire, do a simple calculations, set the DIP switches according to the instructions:

Turn on the ignition, plug the ProCal into the ODB-II port, wait a second or so for the horn to honk twice, and unplug the ProCal:

I checked the speedometer with my GPS and found that for my tire/wheel combination 9.50 worked better than 10.0.

Other options I'm using:

  • Low Tire Pressure Threshold - stock tires 37 psi (alarm at 31), 35's at 30 psi (alarm at 24)

  • One-Touch Lane Change

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Last modified: January 09, 2010 03:53:28 PM