Slider Modifications



The Mod:

Cut off a slice of the rear portion of the sliders.

What it does:

The stock tires fit without rubbing the sliders, but 35" tires sometimes rub the rear sliders when bouncing down the trail. This mod cuts a slice off the slider to allow the tire to travel without rubbing.


Here's the slider with 35" tires. Note that the bottom of the slider is really close to the tire:

I can just barely get my thumb between the slider and the tire. The plan will be to cut the slider on an angle so there is a uniform distance between the slider surface and the tire:

Remove the slider (2 large nuts and 4 smaller bolts):

Remove the end cap (I had to destroy the plug to remove the cap):

I measured 1" on the bottom and about 1/4" off the top:

Cut off:

File/grind/sand the edge smooth:

Check to make sure it's square:

Drill a hole for a plug. I found these at a local store:

I also found these at Space Age Paint - they fit better and cost less:

Back together. Note I didn't paint the scratches because I will powder coat the sliders soon:

Test fit - note that the pinch seam needs to be adjusted now:

Lots more room:

Rough pencil line where the pinch seam needs to be adjusted:

A Crescent wrench helps to get the initial bends in the correct place:

After bending a hammer helps to finish the bending and flatten the edge:

Measure with to see the slider sticks out further then the pinch seam:

File it down a bit, remove any loose paint, and paint it with touchup paint:

Put the slider back on:

Another angle so you can see the pinch seam:


Tested on the trail - no rubbing.


The Next Mod:

Add tubing to the outside and beefier mounting to the sliders.

What it does:

The stock sliders don't stick out very from from the body, which means that rocks can get dangerously close to the side body and cause damage. The tubing helps to keep the rocks away from the body and also may provide a step to help you get into the Jeep. Also there are only two mounting points on the body that could use some beefing up.


Here's a shot of a stock slider:

Here's another shot of the stock slider - doesn't stick out very much from the body:

Here's a shot of the passenger front mount:

And the rear passenger mount:

Sliders removed and ready for the shop:

Close up of one of the supports:

At Savage Sun 4x4 with the surfaces prepared for welding and the new tubes in the front:

Back from the shop (on top). I borrowed a stock slider on the bottom. Note the extra support for the stock brackets and the two new support tabs:

Ground the welds up a bit and took them to BGB Steel for powder coating. A close up of the front supports:

And the rear:

The whole thing:

Front mounted:

Rear mounted:

Side view:

Another side view:

Rear view:

Top view:

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