Spare Tire Bumper Extension



The Mod:

Extend the spare tire bumpers to support non-stock wheels/tires.

What it does:

When using a wheel with non-stock backspacing the tire will probably not touch the bumpers. This mod extends the bumpers so the tire once again rests on the bumpers.


Here's one of the spare tire bumpers. It needs to be extended for my new wheel and tire combination:

I used a heater hose that has an outside diameter of 1 inch to make the extension:

First, I measured the difference between the stock wheel/tire combination and the new wheel/tire combination. My difference was 1/2 inch:

I then inserted the hose into the bumper as far as it would go:

I then measured one extra inch and cut:

I then made six cuts about 1/2 inch deep around the end and put the spare in place. I made sure the slits spread out evenly when tightening the spare in place:

I also purchased a new bumper and installed it at the bottom of the tire. Here's the bumper:

Picked a location above the lip of the door:

Start drilling with a small drill bit:

Finished with a 9/16" drill bit and painted the edges red:

Insert the bumper. It doesn't stick well, but the tire will obviously hold it in place:

It also needs the rubber hose treatment:

In place:

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