Stony Pass



The Trail:

This trail crosses the Continental Divide and has an optional side trip to an old tram house..




Date: 7/30/2011

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


The trail starts near Silverton on a  flat graded road:

It goes past (under) the Old Hundred Gold Mine:

Heading up hill:

Still plenty of trees up here:

We decided to take the side road to the Buffalo Boy Tram House:

It gets a bit steeper when you get out of the trees:

Made it:

You can still see the tram cables coming out of the house:

Inside there are still pulleys and the tramway curving on the ceiling:

And some gearing:

One of the local residents came out to say hello:

Outside there is some old equipment...

...and flowers...

...and more old equipment...

...and more flowers...

...and some more flower near a pile of tailings:

Time to head around the side and walk up top:

A small rail way to dump the ore:

We went up the nearby ridge to see what was up there - looking back down at the tram house:

A green valley on the other side:

Talking a rest:

I don't need to rest:

Another view from up top:

Back on the road and after some mis-direction heading toward Stony Pass:

Made it to the pass:

Just past the pass:

Some of the flowers in the area:

We drove down the road a bit and stopped for lunch:

After lunch we walked around a little and explored:

Some flowers in the area:

A snow bridge to cross:

More flowers:

Heading down and looking back at Green Mountain (the peak at Stony Pass):

Still heading downhill:

We stopped at a creek that we thought was the headwaters for the Rio Grand (which was actually further down the road). It was getting late, so we headed back to Silverton from here:

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