The Trail:

Silverton is a town that is just off the Million Dollar Highway and has some good places to eat and has some interesting places to visit. It's also a gateway to many of the trails in the area.




Date: 7/27/2010

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


San Juan County Historical Society Museum:

Our first stop was the Historical Society Museum Jail. Looks like it's still in use:

They had a small school there too:

Sleeping quarters for the jailors:

We took an underground tunnel from the jail to the museum:

I bet they got a lot of use out of the babies:

Anyone have some popcorn?

An old trestle (replica?):

They had a brass band. Wonder who had to carry the piano?:

Anyone have an old record to play?

Old Hundred Gold Mine:

Some old equipment outside the main entrance:

Looking down from the main entrance level:

Looking up from the main entrance level. The upper level of the mine and the bunkhouse is up there somewhere:

Someone said you could just barely see it, but I don't see it:

Oh, someone said to turn around and look high up on the mountain. There it is:

OK, back at the mine. We'll be riding in a small train like that one:

Waiting for the train to arrive:

In the mine - there's still color and lots of running water:

We got a demonstration of this guy in operation:

The elevator to the upper level:

The emergency ladder to the upper level:

Walking through a drift:

A big metal hopper that is well rusted from the constant flow of water:

Ready for another demonstration:

That little thing sure makes a lot of noise:

The privy didn't have any privacy, but usually there wasn't any light in the area:

Saint Patrick Parish:

We went to St. Patrick's for Mass:

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