Midland 75-822 CB



The Mod:

Add a CB to the Jeep.

What it does:

Many still exclusively use CBs to communicate on the trails. The CB along with an external antenna permits us to join in on the conversations.


This is what you get. It's a pretty flexible CB. You can use the power from the Jeep, or outside of the Jeep with the small supplied antenna and rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries:

Plastic furniture leg caps can be placed on the CB ends to keep the dirt out:

The antenna and CB must be tuned using a SWR meter and cable:

With everything connected, set the CB to Channel 1, key the mic, and with the meter set to FWD calibrate the meter:

With the mic still keyed, switch the meter to REF and check the SWR reading:

Repeat this procedure for Channel 40. If the SWR doesn't match, then adjust the antenna until Channel 1 and 40 are the same. Once they are the same check Channel 19 (Channel 19 is the center frequency and should be the "best"). You want your SWR to read 2 or below on all channels. For more detailed information check out the FireStick Library.


Here's the CB "installed" (I later installed a Toad CB Bracket to hold the unit):


I decided to connect the output of the CB to the radio Aux Input. First I had to make a cable with a mono jack on one side and stereo on the other. Here are the parts:

The stereo jack soldered in place:

The cables set to the correct length, tied down and wrapped:

Back in the Jeep and plugged into the radio:

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