Toad CB Bracket



The Mod:

Add a CB to the Jeep.

What it does:

A place to hang our Midland 75-822 CB. It de-clutters the console, makes it easier to hear, and make adjusting the volume and squelch easier to adjust.


This is the bracket. I had them customize their standard bracket for the Midland CB. Note that the bracket comes with a good color instruction sheet that is actually more detailed than these instructions:

Using a putty knife and cloth pop off the top console cover and set it aside:

Remove the two screws that hold that top of the center console trim:

Remove the two air vents:

To get a little more room to work, use the putty knife and cloth pop out the center console center clips:

Remove the four screws that hold the radio in place:

Slide back the radio:

Slide the clip in place on the passenger side, the pin in the radio should go though the hole in the bracket:

Slide the radio back in place and re-assemble in reverse order. Here's finished product:

With the CB in place:

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