Corkscrew Gulch



The Trail:

A scenic trail that initially runs between Red Mountain #1 and Red Mountain #2 and ends at Lake Como. There are with lots of old mining sites and scenic vistas along the way.




Date: 7/25/2011

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


At the start of the trail - our group for this years trip:

Ready to hit the trail. Red Mountain #1 on the left and Red Mountain #2 on the right:

Starting out in trees. The trail is pretty narrow in spots::

Driving past some old tailings:

A sharp turn at more tailings and one of many small waterfalls:

Some scenery as we continue to head up :

More scenery:

We stopped in this area before we started the steep ascent to the pass:

One of many flowers that were in the area - Elkweed:

Looking down at some other Jeeps as we head up to the pass:

Up one final hill to get a better view:


Parked up top and looking around:

Say cheese:

Here's the view looking down from our parking area. Red Mountain #2 on the left and Red Mountain #1 on the right. We stopped for the break about the center of the center of the photograph, and drove up the road to the right:

Even in all of these rocks there are still flowers - the Colorado State flower, Columbine:

More flowers:

More flowers:

Getting a closer look at one:

Walking over the ridge to the other side of the pass. Our trial is on the left and goes off into the distance. It's getting near lunch time so hopefully we can find a good place to stop for lunch:

Heading down:

There are always quads wanting to pass:

This meadow looks like a nice place to eat lunch:

After eating lunch there was time to explore the meadow:

Lots of different flowers here - Wild Geranium:

More flowers - Beardtongue:

More flowers:

More flowers - Western Bistort:

More flowers - Daisies:

More flowers - Wild Geranium:

More flowers:

More flowers:

Time to hit the trail again - we will be taking the trail to the left that goes through the pass:

Wow, we came around a turn and met this worker. He pulled over and we squeezed past as his diesel fuel dripped from the filler cap on/in our Jeeps:

More flowers along the way:

Another waterfall - doesn't look like much in the photo:

Coming down into a valley with some mining remains:

I hope there's no surprise around the corner:

Some old mining ruins:

Another waterfall with some mining equipment in it:

Heading back up and nearing Hurricane Pass. There's still some good snow up here:

And some small lakes:

And flowers and an old mine or two:

We made it to Hurricane Pass and found a place to park:

Here's the view of Lake Como which still has a little ice on it:

Think she made it to the lake?

A group shot:

Starting to head back down - stopping to get some snow:

Back in the Jeeps and heading down to the end of this trail. California Gulch starts at the intersection and goes to the right and Poughkeepsie Gulch ends at the intersection and comes up from the left:

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