Poughkeepsie Gulch



The Trail:

Probably the toughest trail in the Ouray area - we used out lockers and winch on this trail. The trail has water crossings, scenic views, forest trails, rocky trails, and a good obstacle or two.


4.0 - one obstacle is a lot easier with lockers, and if you can't make it then a winch is required.


Date: 7/28/2011

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


The trail starts at a fork off of Mineral Creek. Note the suggested equipment:

At the start you are in with the trees and water crossings:

Still in the trees and some mud and rocks:

The trees are starting to thin out a bit:

Another small water crossing:

A view from inside the gulch:

Looking up a large slide area. It's hard to see, but the field was full of yellow flowers:

Some more flowers:

Heading down into a water crossing:

It only looks like it a few inches deep, but it is a bit deeper:

We took a slight detour up to the Old Lout Mine:

On the tailings looking back from where we came:

Another shot from on top of the tailings looking forward:

The mine is mostly under water:

The water coming out of the mine:

Back on the trail looking down into the gulch:

Moving along:

Stop rocks and water to the left:

Another water crossing:

Pretty green this time of year:

Well, we made it though this obstacle, but had a little carnage...

The front driveshaft boot ripped (due to the flex), and the valve cap got punched on the edge of a rock:

Back moving along:

Nearing "the" obstacle (it's over in the group of trees to the left):

One last obstacle before reaching "the" obstacle:

We got there and there were a number of Jeeps in line before us. This guy was "stuck" at the hard part:

This guy took an alternate route and added some scrapes to the side of his Jeep:

We broke out the chairs and lunch and we and the bird watched the Jeep attempt the obstacle:

This guy had a particularly hard (and metal bending) time:

Some flowers in the area:

Some snow in a pocket:

Still trying:

More flowers:

More flowers:

They pulled out the winch, so it's almost our turn:

Some flowers at the top of the obstacle:

Brian coming up the first (easier) hill. You can see how steep the obstacle is from this perspective:

Now the hard part:

Hal's turn:



First hill:

Half way of the hard part:

Brian helping a quad down the obstacle:

Continuing on the trail past the obstacle:

Looking aback at the obstacle as we head up the hill:

Climbing out of the gulch:

Another waterfall:

Down a hill:

Winding our way out:

This obstacle was a little harder than it looked (due to the loose rocks):

Down another hill and water crossing:

We stopped at Lake Como then headed on the California Gulch:

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