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Years ago we purchased a Global Positioning System receiver (GPSr). We used it as a guide when we were hiking and camping. Since then we found a few other things you can do with your GPSr - Geocaching and Benchmark Hunting.

Geocaching is an adventure game where GPSr owners try to find hidden caches using their GPSr. The caches are hidden by people all over the world so they can be located by Geocachers, but not easily found by the casual observer. Once hidden, the hider posts the coordinates of the cache Internet. GPSr users retrieve the coordinates off the Internet, enter them into their GPSr, and travel to the coordinates to try to find the cache. If they find the cache they have the opportunity to take a reward from the cache container and leave different reward for the next Geocacher.

A benchmark is a metal disc, rod, bolt, etc. that was permanently placed in locations all over the United States to enable mapping and land surveying. The location of each mark is described by landmark based directions and GPSr coordinates, and they are recorded in the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) database. Benchmark hunting consists of finding these marks and logging your find.

We started Geocaching in July 2005 and Benchmark Hunting in October 2005 and have had fun doing it, so we wanted to share some of the things we've found. Click on the above links above to see a little more.

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