Ireland 2018 - Church Choir



In 2018 Jane joined a choir arranged by Ann Weiss to travel to Ireland where the choir could sing at a number of Masses
that were con-celebrated with our traveling priests and local priests. There would also be time to tour the cities and sites.
In June Jane sang with the choir and Joe joined the others in the group.


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Here are some quick links:


Here is a map that points to the places we visited in Ireland. We started in
Dublin (on the east coast) and generally drove in the bus counter clockwise
around the island until we returned to Dublin. We were in the bus a lot so
many of the pictures are from the bus:



Dublin to Drogheda:

It was a long flight that was delayed but we finally made it to the bus and got some Dr. Pepper Zero
in a funny bottle:

Ready to head out:

It was a little drizzly and we did see a lot of water in Ireland:

A shop in Drogheda:

St. Peters Church:

Our first stop, St. Peters Church where the choir will sing at Mass:

Donal in the choir loft with the choir:

The choir loft:

Mass was con-celebrated by Msgr. Tom Hever, and our traveling clergy
Fr. Greg Schlarb and Fr. Greg Menegay:

There are relics of St. Oliver Plunkett here:

I think someone though St. Oliver was a great escape artist:

However, he was martyred in London in 1681:

On the other side of the church they have a relic of the True Cross:

Drogheda to Ulster

Heading out of town to Ulster. The remains of St Mary Magdalene Friary is in the center:

More water:

The tower is Fort Millmount - part of a large fortified complex that was part of Drogheda's history:

American Folk Park:

The American Folk Park is located in Ulster Northern Ireland. It's a tribute to those from Ireland that made
the journey across the Atlantic to America. Here's a typical buggy from the time:

Here's a nice time:

Some things:

It's hard to see but there are things from the Carnegie-Mellon family:

Outside, we went to a shop:

A big loom:

Yarn stuff:

A church:


We drove from Ulster to Donegal:

Donegal is a nice town:

They even have a castle named after the town, or was the town named after the castle?:

And they have a nice looking Methodist church:

Abby Hotel:

Our hotel (with the flags):

Another view from down the street:

Donegal to Killybegs:

The next day we're off to Killybegs. From here until we leave Ireland the rain stopped.
Here are some sheep:

And water:

And a church with a graveyard and a tower:

We're here, there is a large seaport here:

St. Mary of the Visitation Church:

Heading into church and Mass:


The choir sang from the side of the church, not the loft:

The Mass was con-celebrated by Fr. Eugene O’Carroll and the two Father Gregs:

After Mass the local people had a nice reception for us in the hall:

On the side of the Church building they had the McSwyne Grave Slab from 1524:

Killybegs to Slieve League Cliffs:

After the reception we headed out to Slieve League Cliffs. Here are some homes along the coast:

And water:

Another shot of the coast:

Sheep by the coast:

Homes, stone walls, and sheep by the coast:

Slieve League Cliffs:

We're here, it's really windy and chilly. It's a good thing Jane packed some windbreaker/rain jackets:

Still windy and chilly:

It is scenic as you continue to head up the hill:

It looks like we're near the top, but there's not enough time to go all of the way up:

You can see Rathlin Lighthouse and Rathlin Island from here:

Heading back down to the bus:

Donegal to Belleek:

We're leaving Donegal for Westport. First stop will be in Belleek. Some countryside along the way:

And water:

And a small town:

Belleek Pottery:

Belleek Pottery is located just across the River Erne in Northern Ireland:

They had some nice flowers outside:

The tour is starting inside the factory:

Explaining how they use molds to form some of the pottery:

Adding details to the pottery:

Making baskets, adding small items, and adding color:

The sales floor:

Belleek to Drumcliffee:

Back on the road. This farm doesn't appear to be operational:

A scenic shot:

St. Columbas Church of Ireland:

The final resting place for the poet W. B Yeats:

And others:

Inside the church building:

The organ in the choir loft:


The next stop was Sligo:

We had the opportunity to eat lunch and stretch our legs:

Watch out for the rising bollard ahead:

More water:

Sligo to Croagh Patrick:

Back on the road - some cattle in the field:

And some sheep:

A town along the way:

A farm with stone walls:

Croagh Patrick:

We came here a day early so we weren't dressed/prepared for a long walk up the mountain:

The initial walk wasn't bad:

We stopped here, the end of the paved trail:

Back down the hill by the bus we saw this and went to investigate:

Oh... the Famine Monument, a coffin ship:


Another nice smaller town where we will be staying:

Part of their canal:

Hanging some fresh flowers:

Mill Times Hotel:

Our hotel:

View from our room:

Westport to Knock:

Back on the road - another nice day:

Some cattle in the field:

A church and buildings seen along the way:

Knock Shrine:

We're here. The basilica is in the background:

A painting of the apparition that was witnessed back in 1879:

The wall where the apparition was witnessed:

A view of the original Church and the glass area where the apparition was seen:

They have a museum that had clothing and items from the times:

And a room that was made up like it would have been back then:

Back to the basilica and time for the choir to sing at Mass:

Singing at Mass:

Heading back to the bus:

Westport to Connemara:

Back on the road the next day - here are some peat bogs that have been harvested for fuel:

We stopped to take pictures and stretch our legs. I took a picture of taking pictures:

Connemara Marble:

Our next stop:

They had a guest house with lots of stuff:

Yeah, lots of stuff:

At the shop they showed rock they extracted from the quarry:

A small area in the shop where they work on jewelry:

Connemara to Galway:

Next stop is Galway. Passing some homes along the way:

More cattle:

A church:

Another canal:


Lots of water here:


A nice place to sit and take in the view:

The town:

Lots of tourists and things to see in the market:

More to see:

Time for lunch. Watch your children:

After lunch, time for jail at the Spanish Arch, but it was closed:

Maybe we should have grabbed some of these instead of walking:

We were on the lookout for funeral homes because someone on the trip is a funeral director/professor:

St. Mary's Church:

Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas:

We're here for Mass with the choir singing:

Inside looking at the main altar from the side:

Looking down from the back of the altar toward the choir loft:

A closer view of the loft:

Looking toward the main altar:

They used a lot of marble from Connemara Marble in the construction:

Recognize JFK?:

After Mass:

Galway to Limerick:

Heading to Limerick. More water:

Some sheep and an old castle?:


King John's Castle - built on the orders of King John in 1200 and is one of the best preserved Norman castles in Europe:

Some from our group at the The Treaty Stone - reputedly two treaties were signed on it:

Heading to the hotel, some homes:

More homes:

Gas from Arizona, Top AZ:

South Court Hotel:

Our next hotel:

St. Michael's Church in Kildysart:

The next day we headed to Kildysart and St. Michael's Church where the choir would sing at Mass con-celebrated
by the Fathers Greg and the Church’s pastor Fr. Albert McDonnell and Msgr. Michael O’Grady who was celebrating
his 60th anniversary of being a priest.

The inside of the church:

The choir loft:

After Mass - Fr. Greg Schlarb,  Msgr. Michael O’Grady, Fr. Greg Menegay, Fr. Albert McDonnell:

After Mass we walked down the town to a big reception for Msgr. O’Grady:

The rectory across the street from the reception:

Some people at the reception, they were all really friendly:

Kildysart to Cliffs of Moher:

Back in the bus and heading to the Cliffs of Moher. Looks like a church and homes by the water:

More water and a home:

A beach with homes in the background:

Lots of people at the beach today:

The golfers are out too:

Cliffs of Moher:

We're here and have a little time to walk around and see the sights:

We brought a friend along with us:

A wider view:

O'Brien's Tower - built in 1835 by Cornellius O'Brien. Is it an observation
tower for the Victorian tourists or did he build it to impress women he was courting?
You can decide:

Another view looking down:


Looks like a tourist boat down there:

Still walking along the path:

Wider angle shot:

On a cliff with O'Brien's Tower in the distance:

A change of characters:

End of the trail:

On the way back to the parking lot and bus:

Cliffs of Moher to Kilfenora:

Back on the road - some buildings and water in the distance:

A home with a thatched roof:

A pile of peat for fuel:


We're here for our next stop - Kilfenora Cathedral:

The cemetery:

One of the high crosses:

Looking through the window (and roof):

The North Cross:

Another window:

A grave slab representing an unknown 14th century Bishop of Kilfenora:

Another grave slab:

Kilfenora to Limerick:

Heading back to Limerick - an old castle:

An old looking building:

A field:

Part of an old castle:

Bunratty Castle:

Speaking of castles, in the evening we came here for a banquet:

Before going in we met one of the local residents:

And some homes:

At the castle they were playing the pipes for us:

Inside they had a small reception for us:

After the reception we went downstairs for our meal:

Sitting at a table:

The Earl is to the left and the Butler is up on the platform:

The evening entertainment:

Donal was thrown in the pokey:

After he sang they let him go:

Leaving the castle after the banquet:

Limerick to Blarney Castle:

The next day we headed to another castle and was calmed along the way:

Some building in a small town:

A field:

Blarney Castle:

We made it to Blarney Castle and Woolen Mills:

Walking up to the castle:

Crossing over some water where a bird watched us:

We will be heading to the top of this tower, up in the middle where you can see some sky. Later on there will
be pictures of some of the windows from the inside:

The first set of stairs to the top of the castle (where the blarney stone resides):

Some granny squares in the window:

In one of the rooms:

A narrow passage way:

Nearing the top:

You can see the top and bottom from here:

At the top:

The difference between blarney and baloney:

Jane kissing the stone. I wonder if anyone ever fell through the slot?:

Joe kissing the stone. We didn't fall through:

Heading back down:

Someone is down there under the grate:

The view out a window:

Back in the park area, some wagons:

And some plants:

Blarney Castle to Dublin:

Back on the road - passing a McDonalds:

Another town:

A field:

Harvest time:


We've come full circle back to Dublin:

There's old - Irelands oldest Pub, The Brazen Head:

And new - American Consulate:



Heuston Bridge - a cast-iron bridge that was previously named King's Bridge and Sarsfield Bridge:


Get off that phone, are you listening to me?:



Colorful doors - so you know where to stop when you are coming home late:


An old church:


Harley shop:

Duck tour:


Bicycles for rent:


Street with Papa John's and people:



Street (it is a city):

Small bike on a bridge:

Where are the books?:

St. Audoen's Roman Catholic Church - the home to the Polish chaplaincy in Ireland:



Christ Church Cathedral with covered bridge over the road:

Grafton Street - lots of shops:

Fancy light post:

No poo:

No sign:

Heading into the suburbs (where the hotel is located):



Talbot Hotel:

Our last hotel:

Our room with our friend taking a break:

St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral:

We're here to celebrate Mass in the lower chapel:

Heading in:

Inside the cathedral:

The choir loft in the cathedral:

Heading down to the lower chapel:

Getting ready for Mass in the lower chapel:

Trinity College:

We came here mainly to visit the Library and the Book of Kells:

The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript of the Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels
of the New Testament together with various prefatory texts and tables. It was created in a monastery in
either Britain or Ireland. It is believed to have been created in 800:

A page from the book of Kells:

Materials they used for the book:

Some of the images:

Up to the Long Room of the Old Library:

The Long Room - built between 1712 and 1732
and houses 200,000 of the Library's oldest books:

Sphere Within Sphere:

I bet this would work better in Phoenix:

Getting ready to go to the next place:

Phoenix Park:

We drove past Wellington Monument - commemorates the victories of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington:

The Papal Cross that was erected as a backdrop for the Mass celebrated by
(now) St. Pope John Paul II in 1979:

Taking a picture of them taking our group picture:

Our group picture:

It was estimated that over a million people were here to attend Mass outdoors:

On the way out we drove past the Áras an Uachtar. It looks like the White House:

Guinness Storehouse:

Next stop was the Guinness Storehouse:

You could take a ride in a car instead of going inside:

We went on the self guided tour inside:

That held a lot of beer:

Some tools they used to makes casks:

Some old equipment:

A small train they used to haul thing around:

The tour continuously goes up until you get to the top. Here we're looking down at the store:

One of their advertisements

At the end of the tour you are rewarded with a glass of Guinness and a great view:

Jane wasn't a fan of the beer, so I got two glasses:

Merry Ploughboy:

The last evening of the trip we went here for good meal and entertainment:

One of our tables - we could order from the menu:

More from our group with the stage in the background:

Any relation?:

The main entertainment - they played for us most of the night:

Some of the dancers:


The last dance:



That's it for this trip:


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