Hawaii, Oahu - March 2010 - Buisness and Pleasure



Joe had another business trip to Oahu and this trip Jane was able to come. The work was over on Friday and we stayed the weekend to do some things on the Island.

The flight was two hours late, so we arrived at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on the late side. Our room was located in the Kalia Tower - a first for us. Here's a shot from our lanai looking out over the parking garage toward the Hilton Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean:

A shot looking toward other buildings in Waikiki after the sun had set:

Looking down at the pool and spa for our tower from our room:

During the week when Joe was at work Jane took The Bus and toured around downtown Honolulu:

These guys are all over the place:

St. Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral:

Saint Peter's Episcopal Church:

Hula dancers:

More Hula dancers:

Some buildings in China Town:

Another building in China Town:

More buildings in China Town. You can see the harbor at the end of the road:

Looks like the Cardinals like it out there:

Some more buildings in downtown Honolulu:

A light rainbow over the Ala Wai Canal near the hotel:

On Friday the Hilton has fireworks...

We just got back from dinner and saw the show:

Out on our lanai just before leaving for some fun on Saturday:

Looks like it will be a nice day:

Our first stop was to see where we lived back in the 80s:

Our next stop was to take a flight from Island Seaplane Service:

As the tourist level was down, we were the only passengers on this flight. Here we just pushed back from the dock:

They had headphones with a microphone for us so we could hear each other talking. The pilot was very knowledgeable of the Island and flight path:

We got our clearance from the Honolulu Airport, so the pilot revved up the engine for us to take off. It was really pretty smooth:

Up in the air:

We turned and headed East toward Waikiki. This is Sand Island. We used to go to this beach when we lived here:

You can just make out a parasailer:

Ala Moana Beach Park on the left and Ala Wai Harbor on the right:

A better shot of the Ala Wai Harbor, Yacht Club, Hilton Lagoon, Hilton, and other hotels along Waikiki Beach:

You can just make out one of the tourist subs under water between two boats:

Rounding Diamond Head. On a different trip we hiked to the peak on the left:

You can just make out a lava tube along the coast on our way to Hanauma Bay:

We've been to Hanauma Bay before, but not on this trip. You park up on top and walk down to the beach (in the middle):

Passing by Koko Head Crater. On the shore line you may be able to make out the parking lot for the Blow Hole:

Coming up to Makapu'u Point and Rabbit Island:

Now we're rounding the point. We will hike up the trail that runs above the light house on Sunday:

Now closed Bellows Air Force Base:

Kaneohe Bay:

Turning inland through the Pali - lots of rain over here to keep things green:

Back on the South of the Island again. Punchbowl Crater in the center, Waikiki above it, and Diamond Head on the left:

Sand Island and the main port for the Island:

An overhead shot of where we lived:

Coming up to Pearl Harbor. The Arizona Memorial is just below the USS Missouri just to the left of Ford Island:

A closer shot:

Some submarines in Pearl:

Almost finished. Hickam Air Force Base and Honolulu International Airport:

Here's a video of our landing.


Back and all tied up. We had a great tour of the island and a fun flight in the seaplane:

We went back to the hotel, got some lunch, rented a kayak down the beach for an hour, and then came back and went swimming in the ocean just to the left of the Hilton Lagoon:

After our swim we headed back to our room, then drove out to a Luau:

We went to Germaine's Luau which is located off Barber's Point Beach Park:

Since we drove, we got there before the bus loads of people arrived, so we could pick out a good seat and get in the short line for some of our drinks that are included with the package:

After everyone arrived the show started. It's has a similar format to most shows on the Island. Here we are greeted and entertained by the King and Queen:

Next, we walked over to where they roasted the pig. Here they are removing the hot rocks:


Back to our tables and more entertainment:

In all of the shows they encourage participation by the audience:

The show continues on as we get our food:

The show continued until we were all finished eating:

The next day we planned to attend Mass at the Hilton, but they don't have it there anymore, so we hoofed it down to St. Augustine Church then back to the hotel to checkout, got some food and then headed out for a hike on Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail. We were fortunate and found a parking spot. Here we have already started the hike up the hill from the parking lot:

Looking out toward Koko Head Crater:

We saw some familiar vegetation along the way:

And some unfamiliar plants:

Almost to the top of the trail. The trail to the lighthouse is gated:

Some more plants growing among the rocks:

At the first lookout overlooking Waimanalo Bay and Kailua Bay:

You can also see Rabbit Island:

From the top you can look down at the lighthouse...

And the rocky shore:

Above the lookout there were trails and old bunkers:

Heading back down we saw more familiar vegetation:

We noticed people with bathing suits going down the trail that leads to the rocks below...

Looks like a private "swimming hole":

Some more familiar plants. Guess there isn't a lot of rain up in this area of the Island:

After our hike we drove down to Pier 6 in Honolulu Harbor for a dinner cruise. We had plenty of time before dinner, so we looked at some of the fish in the harbor:

There was a surprising number of different fish:

Another fish:

More fish:

Time to head to the Navatek I and our dinner cruse:

On board. We were fortunate and were seated at a window seat on the left (port?) side so we could see the coastline while we were dining:

Ready to go:

Out on the water. The ship was really smooth:

Out near Waikiki with another dinner cruise boat in the foreground:

Heading toward Diamond Head:

By the time we reached Diamond Head we had finished eating. At this point the boat turns around and heads back to the harbor:

It's us:

We headed out front to watch the sunset:

Almost set:

See a green flash???:

Next we went up top:

With the low number of tourists, the boat was maybe on 25% full, which made it easy to get around and see everything:

It's starting to get dark:

Looks like its time to head back in and see the show:

You can see lots of empty seats which made it easier to see the show:

Always have to get the audience to "help out":

Almost finished the show and time to leave:

After the cruise we headed back to the hotel to pick up our luggage then drove to the airport for our flight back home.


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