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In, what was a moment of deep boredom, I found a pattern on-line for a baby quilt.  I knew I had some rather bright child-themed material, so I made a baby quilt with it, and then donated it to the Giving Tree Ministry at church for a pregnancy crisis center. I guess it's not the best quality photo, but I'm sure you get the idea. )

Also, I  started to make more baby quilts (Sept, 2004) for people I know.  The second and consecutive photos will be of those quilts as I complete them (baby animals print, Pooh prints, bold butterflies print).


Tom's quilt 2.JPG (397357 bytes)     Here is Tom's quilt all finished!


And here is Joe3's quilt completed!   Joe3's quilt 2.JPG (371749 bytes) 

   2002 quilt.JPG (402861 bytes) And last, but certainly not least,

here is my bed quilt that I completed before the baby quilt pictured above.  If you're wondering how long these quilts took to make...most of the big ones took nearly a year, but that was because they were "quilt block of the month" quilts.  The quilting (fluffing) took months, because I did it in my spare time by hand, not machine.  Unfortunately, the quilt work cannot be seen on these photos.


2004 Quilts

Yes, I'm still quilting! I helped make a quilt top for an auction item for the band. I finally finished my holiday quilt, and I made the last for my mother for Christmas. So...here are the newest quilts:

Holiday quilt.jpg (754779 bytes)    band quilt one.JPG (2038033 bytes)   finished quilt.JPG (1786573 bytes)

2005 Quilts

I used my Christmas money to make a type of quilt I've been wanting to try for awhile.  It's Amish inspired, though not a true Amish quilt....it's more like a sampler. 

Amish Inspiration.JPG (1314048 bytes)  Then I made another baby quilt, trying some new patterns:

 113_1317.JPG (1370737 bytes) This is the back...

This is the front... Tumbling blocks 1.JPG (1676842 bytes) 

Next, I decided to make a crazy quilt...well, yeah, sort of...to use some scraps

This one, I call "King of the Jungle"...look to see if you can tell why!113_1393.JPG (2172138 bytes) 


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