Vessel Sink


We wanted to update the powder room with a vessel sink.


First we found a cabinet. Here's what the wood looked like:

After adding some grain and detail:

Another view:

Cut down the feet to get the correct height, added a backsplash and side strips, many coats of ARM-R-SEAL:

Another view:

The powder room and current sink:

Another view:

The original sink removed:

Another view:

Added some shims and bolted the cabinet in place:

Installed the vessel sink and poured some water in to check for leaks (the white ring is silicon that will dry clear):

Installed the faucet:

Connected up the drain and let the water flow:

Another view:

Cleaned up some of the mess and put up the new mirror:

Added some decorative tile to the top edge, re-finished the lighting, got some new accessories:

Another view and more new hardware:

A better view of the updated lighting:

Some more new hardware:

Another view:


Before and After:

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