Here are some pictures of construction of a kitchen in Northern Arizona.


February 2013 - The original plan for the kitchen:

12/3/13 - The kitchen will go on right side the platform around the green marks:

2/5/14 - Inside the kitchen in front of the kitchen window:

The built-in pantry will be replaced with cabinets:

2/14/14 - The kitchen now has a ceiling and the beam:

2/23/14 - Framing continuing:

8/24/14 - Electrical, plumbing, insulation and window in place:

9/6/14 - Sheetrock:

10/18/14 - T&G for the ceiling and some finishing around the edges:

11/7/14 - The cabinets were delivered:

11/15/14 - Mostly installed:

We re-designed the layout of the island from the original plans:

Another view with cabinets mostly installed and the trim stained:

11/23/14 - Checking out the countertop, sink and floor color options:

12/7/14 - More trim work:

12/14/14 - The final cabinet is in place and the pendant lights are hung:

1/3/15 - Looking at some backsplash samples:

1/11/15 - The countertops were installed:

Closer view of the sink and the chiseled edge of the countertop:

The island - the hole to the left is for the microwave:

The kitchen with the countertops:

2/15/15 - Under the kitchen sink - vacuum and garbage disposal:

3/8/15 - Backsplash complete, faucet installed:

Close-up of some of the detail work:

3/15/15 - Flooring installed and appliances delivered but not installed:

Wider view:

4/29/15 - Finished:

Another view:


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