Here are some pictures of framing a building in Northern Arizona.


11/10/13 - The custom truss work that will be placed on the basement masonry to support the first and second floors:

11/27/13 - the framers stopped by today and did some work :)

Inside the garage looking back toward the mud room and floor trusses over the basement:

12/3/13 - The sub-floor is in (it's wet from sealant that was added to the surface). The big opening is the stairs down to the basement. Now we can finally see the view from the first floor! Standing in a bedroom looking out over the living room and dining room, in the distance toward the left you can see East Sunset Mountain, and at the right edge of the photograph you can see Chevelon Butte:

12/6/13 - The front of the house - the garage is to the right and the front door will be up on the deck near the first large post in the center of the picture:

The bedrooms will be just above this wall:

The dining room and family room will be just above the wall on the right. The posts are for the deck:

The back of the house - it's framed in now:

A closer view of the framed rear of the house:

Inside the basement - the mud room is above the funny alcove:

The stairs to the first floor are to the left, the main beam is up inside the custom truss work (they hang on the beam):

A view of the stairs from the other side:

The rear wall from the inside:

Looking down from the first floor deck toward the garage - the deck will run out to the piers:

This will be the view form the family room window:

This will be the view from the mud room window:

This will be the view from the first floor bedrooms:

This will be the view from the rear of the rear bedroom:

This will be the view from the kitchen:

This will be the view from the family room and dining room:

The dining room and family room wall:

The house is finally sprouting above the vegetation:

12/29/13 - The masons are done - they finished grouting the piers and added window sills:

Click here to see a short video of the area.


2/5/14 - We received an email from the builder today that said: "Up she goes!!" - downstairs bedrooms and the door from the garage to the mud room:

The front of the mud room and the front of the house:

2/9/14 - We came up to see the framing in person. Here's the front of the house:

Bedrooms to the right, mud room in the middle, garage foundation on the left:

Standing in the mud room doorway. They will be building steps up the mud room from the garage:

Another shot of the two 1st floor bedroom side windows, and in the rear the door and other windows that are now framed:

The windows in the dining room and living room:

Another view:

One more:

Inside checking out the kitchen:

The kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom:

The view from the corner bedroom with two windows:

The bedroom with one window:

The front door:

At the kitchen window, "time to eat":

Our first meal in the dining room:

2/14/14 - Wow, exciting times, the weather is great so the framers continue to work. Here's the front of the house with the deck framing, the garage framed, and the second floor started:

Looking from the side of the garage toward the front:

The side of the house, the large window upstairs is in the Master Bedroom:

Standing on the deck out back:

Another view of the decking:

Lots of wood:

In the kitchen under the loft with the pole and beam holding things up. The framers use a chain saw to notch the poles:

Standing on the loft where the railing will be some day:

Out on the deck by the dining room and kitchen:

Looking in the kitchen window:

Looking into the garage from the mud room:

Let's go upstairs:

The walkout from the loft:

Looking down from the loft walkout:

The view through the windows from the loft:

The master bedroom, the bed will go under the smaller window:

Hard to see, but the loft closet, master closet, master shower, and master bathroom against the wall:

View from the master toilet:

Heading downstairs, hey I didn't notice that blue thing before:

Hey, it's the TURDIS!

I had to open the door and see if it's really bigger inside. It is! And I think the guy on the left is Dr. Poo !

2/18/14 - Setting the ridge beam today - half runs from the wall on the left to the center pole, and the other half runs from the center pole to the wall on the right. Can you spot the crane?

You can see the ridge beam is set, now installing the trusses over the garage. Note that the trusses were made so it would be easy to walk in the middle of the trusses for storage above the garage:

Done with the heavy lifting for the day:

2/21/14 - We got a picture from the builder today - it's really looking like a house!

2/23/14 - Check out all of the work they did this week - the front of the house:

The garage looking toward the front:

The back of the garage on the left, the side of the house in the middle, the deck out back:

The back - they still have to finish the deck coming out of the loft:

The dining room and living room area with the deck and roofing structure almost finished:

Another view of the side:

The side and looking past the front porch toward the garage on the right:

Speaking of the garage, the stairs up to the mud room, the opening for the HVAC and water heater closet, and the door out back:

A view looking down the deck on the front of the house:

Inside the kitchen looking out the front door:

In the living room looking at the dining room area to the left, kitchen under the loft, the loft up top with the walkout:

Up in the loft looking out the new front window over the front door:

The triangular area will be a wall with a small window. The walkout to the upper deck is to the right:

The triangular area to the left will be a wall with a small window, but you can see out the main windows from the loft:

Just outside the living room, out on the deck enjoying the day:

2/24/14 - Got a picture form the builder showing how the roof around the mud room and garage works:

3/4/14 - We came up today to see that framing is complete. Here's the front of the house:

View from the garage - it was a chilly day:

Side and rear of the garage, and side of the house:

Rear of the garage, and side and rear decks of the house:

Side and rear of the house:

Rear and other side of the house:

Side of the house:

Side and front of the house:

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