Here are some pictures of a fireplace going up in Northern Arizona.


February 2013 - The original plan for the fireplace:

12/3/13 - The fireplace will go on the left edge of the platform on the other side of the hole:

2/9/14 - The fireplace goes just to the right of the door:

2/14/14 - The fireplace will go to the right of the door/beam:

3/4/14 - Framed in:

5/18/14 - The fireplace was installed this week:

The stone was delivered - lighter:

And darker:

6/1/14 - we spent some time today looking for a mantle for the fireplace. This tree stump looks good:

We drug the tree over to the back of the Jeep and pushed it in as far as we could, then

slowly drove it back to house while Joe held it up:

Sitting in the garage:

8/24/14 - Getting ready:

9/13/14 - Sheetrock and stucco to hold the rock:

10/5/14 - Ready for the rock:

12/14/14 - They started on the stonework:

12/20/14 - Grouted:

The mantle was came out of the saw mill and is in place:

View of our trophy from above:

1/3/15 - They stated the stone work on the front:

View from up top:

1/11/15 - Almost done the stone work:

1/18/15 - Finished setting the stones and grouted above the mantle:

1/25/15 - Stone work complete:

View from the loft:

View from the kitchen:

Close up of the hearth:

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