Here are some picture of excavating for building in Northern Arizona.


May 2013 - Some of the trees in the area have been cleared:

And a test septic hole was dug:

Late June - starting work on the driveway just off the road:

More vegetation cleared - looking along the back of the house:

Looking from the bedrooms toward the house:

Looking from the front entrance to the house:

08/18/13: Almost ready to start building. Looking from the front of the house - the pile of wood to the right is where the garage will be located):

Looking from the bedrooms wall - the pile of wood to the left is where the garage will be located and the pile of wood in the middle is were a bedroom will be located):

Looking toward the back of the house:

Looking toward the deck and arched roof over the living room and dining rooms will be here:

08/25/13 - The builder came out and marked the basement to be dug out - standing in the garage looking toward the house:

Looking toward the rear bedroom and along the rear of the house:

The pink flag is where the transformer may go, the house is by the piles of trees to the left:

In the cul-de-sac looking toward the driveway entrance. A new pole will be set near the cone, and the driveway entrance/gap is in the center of the photo:

9/2/2013 - Looks like there's some equipment ready to be used - as soon as it stops raining:

9/4/2013 - They broke ground! Working on the four foot deep trench that runs from the street to the house. They found rock here, so they're hammering away at it:

Looking from the rear of the house toward the street - digging out the basement:

9/6/2013 - Standing where the transformer will be placed, the trench looks like it had a lot of rock in it. You can see at the close end of the trench there's only a few inches of dirt before they hit solid rock. As you get further away there a little more dirt before hitting the solid rock:

Still working on the basement - two tractors now:

9/8/2013 - We came up to meet with the builder today and see the work he did. They put this in the bottom of the trench to cushion the pipes when they backfill the dirt into the trench:

Standing in the garage looking toward the mid room - the basement is all dug out and the most of the footers are dug and rebar is placed.

Standing in the corner of the rear bedroom looking at the house - in the basement:

Standing in the garage, the mud room is in the center area (orange paint). The driveway is heading up on the left side of the picture. You can see the thickness of the soil - a few inches toward the center and a foot or so toward the right:

Heading up the driveway toward the street - the driveway turns left at the trees:

Around the tree looking up the driveway towards the street:

From the street looking down the driveway - they already delivered some block for the basement walls:

9/15/2013 - Cleaning out some rocks that fell into the trench - it's also longer now:

Some new equipment along the driveway:

9/29/13 - The driveway looking from the turn in the driveway up toward the street:

11/25/13 - They dug the trench last week and had to wait for the snow to somewhat melt before it was inspected today. The picture is really overexposed so the bottom of the trench is visible (there is snow outside the trench):

11/26/13 - They filled in the trench from the street to the start of the original trench that they dug - it's still really sloppy there. The picture was overexposed again so the bottom of the trench can be seen, also a water hydrant can be seen in the foreground:

11/27/13 - Here's the view up the driveway toward the street. The hydrant is on the left with a hose coming out of it:

12/6/13 - We were able to get up there today and see how things were going. Here's the trench near where the transformer will be located:

1/31/14 - Not a lot completed this month - weather and scheduling issues. Some grading has been done at the garage door:

The water line now runs to the house and has the shutoff valve down deep to keep it from freezing:

A hydrant has been installed (and works!) near where the transformer will be installed:

The conduit for the electrical has been run to the house. The electric can't be installed until the wall for the meter has been completed:

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