Yankee Boy Basin



The Trail:

A popular scenic trail that leads to twin falls and beyond to a more challenging continuation of the trail (that we didn't travel on yet).


2.0 for most of the trail, 2.5 past the seasonal gate


Date: 7/10/2010

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


A nice sunny day, airing down at the start of the trail near Ouray:

Taking a picture while airing down:

And another:

And another:

Our first stop for some more pictures:

The parking lot was just big enough for our Jeeps:

A nice vantage point for some shots:

The water below with a small bridge:

Close up of the bridge:

Water and falls:


The water and mountians:

Water flowing out of the rocks:

Another grotto:

Moving on and looking back at our parking area:

A snow bridge. We saw a lot of them up here, though no one attempted to cross them:

Half a tunnel:

Some kind of workings down in the valley. We will round the edge of this valley and come out on the other side:

Stopped for a break:

Here's where we first saw part of the twin falls:

Stopped to check out the falls:

Looks like we took a shot of the Jeeps from both ends at the same time:

Walking over to the falls:

It's a popular spot:

I bet you could get wet here:

Another shot of the water coming down:

Looking down from on the falls:

Another shot

Nearing the top of the falls looking down:

At the top of the falls looking down:

A hairy flower in the area:

Another flower:

Another flower:

A shot of the mountains:

Another shot of the mountains:

Last shot of the mountains:

We went up the road a little bit to eat lunch:

The scenery was nice, but it started raining so we had to back away from the water to find some shelter:


Date: 7/26/2011

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


Airing down at the start of the trail:

Heading out. This year we made it all of the way to the end of the trail:

The flowers were out:

There was still some snow up in the higher parts of the mountains:

Before heading up we stopped for lunch under the trees (because it was drizzling):

Heading up the hill past the seasonal gate:

Getting higher as a front is coming in:

Still climbing:

Parked at the top:

Past the parking area is a foot trail to the ragged peaks:

From the parking area you can look down at some lakes:

Another lake:

Or hike up into the rocks:

Another view from the parking area (notice the 4x4 van?) - getting ready to head back down:

Driving past one of the lakes - you may be able to see the parking area near the middle right of the photograph:

Still heading down:

Water coming down the mountain:

A deep ravine that has a snow bridge in it:

Back down to flatter land:

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