Woods Evaporative Canister Relocation Kit



The Mod:

Move the stock evaporative canister from its damage prone location to a safer location using the Woods kit.

What it does:

On a run with our stock 2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon I accidently hit the Evaporative Canister and put a small hole in it. I found out about he hole because I got a "gASCAP" indicator on the dash and the Gas Cap was firmly in place. A little bit of J-B Weld fixed the hole, but I figured the next time I may not be so lucky.

The solution was to protect it with a skid plate or move it. I decided to move it and use the most cost effective solution - the Woods kit.

The installation took me about 8 hours stretched out over a few days (to permit the paint to dry).


The instructions that came with the kit were very good. I didn't repeat any of the steps that are already detailed in the instructions. Here's the kit:

Here’s a view of the unprotected stock location of the evaporative canister (you may see the J-B Weld on the lower right portion of the canister):

Here's another view of the stock canister. The new location will be just up and above the differential:

One of the hoses that needs to be removed is plastic and it connects to a plastic T connector. You have to carefully remove the plastic hose without damaging the plastic T connector or you'll have to replace the T connector - which won't be easy. Carefully take your time when cutting the plastic hose off:

Rubber hoses couplers are easy to remove. Cut the edge of the rubber and peel it like a orange with needle nose pliers:

The evaporative canister is removed (note that I re-installed the stock evaporative canister bolts in their original locations):

I started the support screw holes from the bottom using a dremel and a small drill bit. I finished the hole from the top using the recommend size drill bit. I decided to sink the nut into the hardened epoxy surface, so first I outlined the washer:

And used a key hole saw to start drilling into the epoxy. I finished removing the epoxy with a small screw driver and painted the holes to resist rust:

I applied Form-A-Gasket to the washer and bolt:

And set them in place with the evaporative canister underneath:

I added some extra form padding that I got from Lowe's on the pipes that contact other surfaces. Here's a shot of the relocated evaporative canister:

Here's the old location with the evaporative canister moved above the differential - no can, hoses, or wires to hit anymore:

Here's the canister relocated above the differential - everything tucked up above the differential:

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