Walnut Canyon



The Trail:

The Walnut Canyon run is described in the Wells Book. Without a guide it is sometimes difficult to make the correct turns, but if you follow the directions in the book - including the comments with the mile marker references, and you have a good map and GPS, you should make it OK. The trail is surrounded by many beautiful Sonoran Desert scenes - buttes, saguaros, washes, ocotillo, etc.

The trail diverges off Battle Axe Road and quickly turns from a graded road to a sometimes narrow trail that can add to the Arizona Pinstripes collection on your vehicle. There use to be one undocumented obstacle, but that has been graded out. There are still washed-out stretches of downhill road where you should stay alert. There used to be a good washed-out area heading uphill.


3.0 with the obstacle, Now just 2.5


Date: 10/03/2008

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, stock tires


Pulled off AZ 177 and airing down on Battle Axe Road:

Off of Battle Axe Road and on to the trail:

Into a wash:

Hey, Wells didn't say anything about an obstacle:

Looks like a number of vehicles have left their mark on the waterfall (they also left their mark on the boulders to either side):

Up and over - we didn't hit the skid plates (or boulders) in this direction:

Out of the wash and on to the trail:

Scenery along the trail:

Scenery along the trail - the trail winds along to the left:

Scenery along the trail:

A place to pull over and stop along the way:

Scenery along the trail:

Scenery along the trail - the trail winds along to the left:

A washed-out portion which isn't too bad (didn't get any pictures of the "bad" wash-outs):

We got some cloud cover and stopped for a picnic:

Scenery along the trail:

Scenery along the trail:

Some formations in a wash:

Heading back over the obstacle - used the skids in this direction:


Date: 1/23/2011 - a small group run

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


Reading a sign while airing down:

Off the main road and heading toward the wash:

In the wash:

There's a gate at the obstacle location. The obstacle is graded over and pretty smooth, the gate is fun to ride:

The gorilla rock that guards the trail:

More rock formations along the way:

Moving along:

Looking down into the area we will be traveling:

Off the graded road and onto a side road. Lots of rock formations here:

More rock formations we'll be passing. Some have trails go to the base of the rocks:

Moving along:

Heading down the hill:

Passing one of the larger rocky hills:

Moving along:

Scenery along the way:

Coming up a hill:

More scenery:

Stopped for some pictures:

Batman hill toward the left:

Going down one of the rutted hills:

Coming down the hill:

Coming down another hill:

Down in a wash:

In a side road heading toward another wash:

In another wash:

Near the wash turnoff it gets a little rockier:

Not graded here:

Or here:

Out of the wash and heading up hill:

Coming up a small hill:

A washed out portion of the trail that's worse than it looks here:

Back on a fairly well graded portion of the road:

Stopped for lunch:

Packing up after lunch:

Back on the road again:

Stopped for some pictures:

Where's Jason?

There he is:

Getting ready to head out again:

Stopped again to look down into a wash:

Another Jeep pic:

Another Jeep pic:

While heading back Jane saw a hole in a rock and the guys had to check it out:

Parked near the rock hole:

Parked near the rock hole:

Almost back to the main road:

Airing up:

Mining in the area:

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