Telegraph Road



The Trail:

Telegraph Road is another scenic road in the Florence Junction area that runs up past Ajax Mine to Superior. There is a number of old structures and mines along the trail.




Date: 12/13/2009

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


On this trip we started in Superior and worked our way to Ajax Mine:

Starting out:

Some scenery:

A little rocky, there a number of Saguaros along the trail:

Another shot along the trail:

The trail winds among the hills:

Closing in one Picketpost Mountain:

Continuing on:

Another mountain with large sandstone outcroppings near the base:

Mine shaft or water trough?

The road is still winding along:

You can Weavers needle toward the center left and Four Peaks is just in the clouds in the center right:

Continuing along further into Florence Junction:

At a scenic lookout looking over the Phoenix valley. You may notice a dust storm sweeping over the valley as a front comes in toward us:

More scenery:

At another lookout. You can see the Ajax Mine mill foundation in the lower portion of the photo:

Another shot form the scenic lookout:

Just in case you didn't notice the building:

Getting closer to Ajax. You may be able to just make out the mill foundation near the center of the photo:

What's down there?:

Anyone want to try the ladder?:

The mill to the right, and to the left of the photo the mine shaft:

Brian parked at the mill:

Both parked at the mill foundation:

Looks like it's been part of a war from all of the bullet holes:

Up at the top. You can see toward the center left the mine shaft tailings:

What is in the mine shaft now:

After eating lunch we headed to Mineral Mountain Road:


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