Steering Stabilizer Modifications



The Mod:

Upgrade the stock steering stabilizer.

What it does:

The stock steering stabilizer started to leak, so it was time for a replacement.


The Ranch is on the top and the stock stabilizer is on the bottom:

You have to insert the supplied bushing on one side:

Here's how the dust cover looks on the stabilizer. When installing the boot should not be up against the end - move it in place after the bolts are all snug:

Here it is in place. The left side of the stabilizer was a little too close to the track bar bracket (I couldn't even fit a piece of paper between it), so I had to modify the outside of the stabilizer with a piece of wood and hammer (I put a slight flat spot in the top):


The Mod:

Upgrade the upgraded stock steering stabilizer bracket. The stock bracket and steering stabilizer was replaced as part of a TSB.

What it does:

The upgraded (2009+) stock steering stabilizer bracket hangs down a lot more than necessary. Poly Performance makes a low profile bracket.


This is the replacement bracket:

The stock (2009+) bracket sits low and the stabilizer is even below the tie rod:

Installed with the new bracket - minimal clearance required, smooth transition, and the steering stabilizer is now completely behind the tie rod:

I ended up purchasing a longer bolt and washers so the steering stabilizer mounted at a better angle with the axle bracket:


The Mod:

Relocate the steering stabilizer using a Woods Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket.

What it does:

The current setup still seemed to be potentially problematic, so I figured I would just move the stabilizer. This mod moves it up and out of the way from rock damage, and uses the stock bracket that came with the Jeep which has an angled stud which makes for a better fit.


Here's what you get in the kit. The instructions are pretty complete, and there's not much to the hardware:

I'm also using a stock bracket for the tie rod:

A shot from close to ground level before any work was done:

The old stabilizer and tie rod bracket removed. The new bracket is set in place and torqued down (125 ft. lbs.). Note that it should be easy to take the old track bar bolt off and put it back in place with the new bracket in place:

Hole on the left drilled out and the new bolt torqued down (75 ft. lbs.). Also the tie rod bracket set in place:

The stabilizer set in place with the steering wheel centered. I pre-measured the center point and two end points of the stabilizer and marked them with tape:

I had the wheels turned lock to lock on both sides to ensure the stabilizer was never fully open/closed and then torqued down the bolts on tie rod bracket (15 ft. lbs.), and bolts on each end of the steering stabilizer (50 ft. lbs.):

A shot from close to ground level showing it's now up and out of the way of damage:

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