Spidertrax 1.5" Wheel Spacers



The Mod:

Get more clearance between the inside of the wheels and suspension components/frame.

What it does:

After installing a lift there are clearance issues with the stock wheels. Wheel spacers push the wheels out to provide additional clearance.


What you get (2 kits):

View of the upper track bar link clearance (about 3/8" from the nut to the wheel):

View of the stock wheel in the fender well:

To install, first remove the wheel:

Install the spacer, hand tighten each nut in a cross pattern, then with someone standing on the brakes torque down in a cross pattern to 100 ft-lb (the instructions indicate 80-90 ft-lbs, but the Factory Service Manual says 92-132 fl-lb):

Re-install the wheel and torque to 100 ft-lb. The clearance for the upper track bar link clearance is much better (1 7/8"):

View of the wheel with the spacer in the fender well:

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