Seatbelt Anti-Flapper - Front



The Mod:

Front seatbelt anti-flapping device.

What it does:

When the windows are down the seatbelts flap against the roll bar. This device keeps the seatbelts from flapping.


This is what you will need to make the clip. I bought the plastic clip at ACE, and had the foam pipe insulation and cable ties in my garage:

Cut the foam to size:

Attach it with a cable tie:

Add some duct tape to the back (to help support the plastic):

You need to cut a notch in the middle of the back of the clip. The duct tape will keep the plastic from shattering (it will probably crack). You can see the notch by fitting it in place to see if it clears the nut:

Slip the clip in place:

How it looks with the seatbelt in place. Notice the extra gap that keep the belt from flapping:

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