Rancho Lower Control Arm Front Skid Plate



The Mod:

The Rancho lower control arm skid plate that attaches to the front of the control arm.

What it does:

I bent the lower control arm rear bracket and decided to look for some armor for it. So far all I could find was s skid plate for the front of the bracket, so I decided to armor the front of the control arm for now.

Hopefully a rock that happens to find its way to the front of the control arm will now deflect off of the control arm skid instead of damaging the bracket.


The kit is made by Rancho. The instructions were pretty good and it was relatively easy to install. Here’s the kit:

Here’s a shot of the front-end before I started:

Here’s a closer view of the front of the passenger side lower control arm:

To install, first support the control arm and use and two wrenches (only one pictured):

To take the nut and bolt off:

Slide the skid plate in place. I noticed that after I took the bolt off the alignment of the hole was slightly off, so I used a screw driver to adjust the alignment and put the old bolt in the opposite side:

Then using the old bolt to keep the hole aligned I put the new bolt (with appropriate washers) in the correct side:

Use the additional washers and nut and torque the bolt to the suggested specification:

Repeat on the other side:

All done:

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