Queen Valley Marble



The Trail:

We found a description of an old marble quarry in a book and decided to take the Jeep out there and check it out. The quarry is located on the trail to Montana Mountain and is pretty scenic. The trail to the site is a well graded Fire Road, access to the site is via a wash, and access to the top of the quarry is via an old trail that was probably used when the quarry was being worked.


1.0 on the Fire Road, 1.5 to get to the bottom of the quarry, 2.5 for the trail to the top of the quarry (main trail 2.0, one obstacle 2.5)


Date: 6/7/2009

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, stock tires


At the base of the quarry looking at the trail up to the top:

One of the switchbacks on the trail to the top. This is the worked area of the quarry:

At the top of the quarry:

Working a small outcropping near the top that was left from the operations:

Heading back down on the trail near where the main part of the quarry was worked, the main wash and Fire Road 172 can be seen in the background:

Looking for some keepers in the main worked portion of the quarry:

Back at the bottom working on some rock at some of the remaining larger outcroppings:

A wide view of the largest exposed outcropping:

A close-up of some banded reds, grays, and greens:

A smaller green band with red above and below it:

Trying to get some good rocks:

In the smaller wash to the North of the quarry looking for more marble:

Back home, some of the rocks we collected:

We cleaned up the rocks with some water and pool acid:

Here's one destined for Joe's desk:

Here's one destined for Jane's collection:

These are destined for Jane's tumbler:

The remaining ones have been disbursed in the front yard.

Here are some in a vase from the tumbler (the blue one was found at another location):

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