Pyeatt Draw



The Trail:

Pyeatt Draw runs through the pines in Payson and has lots and lots of rocks to maneuver on and around. There are bypasses for many of the obstacles and a track road parallels the draw in may places and can be used when the rocks get too difficult. Dry conditions makes it easier/possible to climb up some of the rocks.


3.0 - 4.0 depending on the obstacles taken, 4.0+ to tackle the final obstacle.


Date: 11/15/2009

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


Starting out at the Giant gas station in Payson - it's a little cold today - in the 40s at the start and into the 50s before we finish. Our Jeeps, left to right: Brian, Jesse/Maggie, us:

Airing down when we hit the dirt road:

On the dirt road heading to the draw:

Turning into the draw, it's rocky right away:

Moving along:

Nearing one of the many waterfalls:

Getting out to check the first waterfall:

Heading over:

Right behind you:

Bringing up the rear:

Heading off to see more:

Getting a little flex:

This looks  a little flat. Wonder if we can go up the ledge?:


Slowly finishing off driving over the ledge

A little more flexing on the ledge:

Another angle:

Heading up to the same location:

Getting some flex and getting out of the way:

Up on the shelf:

Moving along again:

Coming up to another waterfall that has an edge that's a bit higher:

No, too high here:

This way is better:

Give it a try:


This way is OK thouhg:

Heading up:

Another rocky obstacle:

Turning out:

Heading into the same obstacle:

Turing out of it:

Out of it:

Turning out of the obstacle:

There are lots of interesting rocks all over the place:

Another small ledge:

A calm area heading into a rougher area:

Watch out for that tree!:

Not much clearance on the passenger side:

Turning out:

Not much room on the passenger side, can even touch the rock:

Think I'll take an alternate route since our Jeep is wider:

Continuing on:

Parked the Jeep to size up the next obstacle:

In the parking lot:

Just parking:

Part of the next obstacle can be seen in the bottom of this shot:

Heading though:

Heading up the optional obstacle:

Going over:

Stopped on top:

Getting a little flex coming down:

Continuing on through:

Going up the optional obstacle:

Up on top:

Coming down:

Trying out an optional obstacle:

Another view:

Heading up to some steps:

A view at the end of the steps:

On the steps:

Another shot:

Heading over one of the larger steps:

Heading out of steps to the next area:

Heading up a ledge:

Watch out for that tree:

Coming up over a ledge:

Driving up over another ledge:

Driving up over the ledge:

Driving up over the ledge:

At this point it was getting a bit late and we were at the last opportunity to bail before the final obstacle, so we left and took the track road to the final obstacle. It's a large waterfall with a ledge on one side that can be attempted:

Check out the ramp that can be attempted to get to the top of the waterfall:

End of the trip:


Date: 9/26/2010 - small group run

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


We met at the gas station and drove here to air down:

Which way to the trail?

Found it:

Heading to the first obstacle:

Stopped before the obstacle to check it out:

Heading over:

On an optional obstacle:

Continuing on to the next obstacle:

That way looks good:

Navigating some rocks:

Some flex:

Pretty flat area:

Moving along:

Another optional obstacle:

Time for lunch:

Back on the trail and another optional obstacle:

Heading over it too:

Heading down:

Taking an optional line:

Getting ready to head in:

Time to go:

Moving along:

Some flex:

Stopped to check out the next portion of the trail:

Moving through:

Stopped for the next stretch:

Moving through:

Moving through:

Some flex:

Moving up to the next obstacle:

This way looks good:

Moving to another place to park:

Some nice creamy mud:

Checking out the trail:

Wonder who walked by here?

A minor change in the trail:

A lot more brush in this area:

Up again:

Lots of interesting rocks in the area:

This time we had time to go the end of the trail. More waterfalls up this way:

Go that way:

This way:

That way:

Larger rocks up this way:

Made it to the end:

The waterfall is pretty scenic:

And the water looks inviting:

But not to everyone:

A view from the waterfall looking back:

Heading back:

Heading back:

Some parts of the trail back were a little challnging:


Date: 5/15/2011 - small Sunday Drivers group run

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


We met at the gas station and drove here to air down. Did anyone leave their cell phone on their hood?

Heading in:

Checking out a ledge:

Another customer:

And another:

And another:

Last one:

Heading out for more fun:

Lots of rocks around here:

Protected by the tree:

Good flex:

Up on another ledge:

A bit off-camber coming down:

Lunch in the shade:

Lunch in the shade:

Lunch is over and there are some rocks to tackle:

Which way?

All stopped:

A shot of the trail ahead:

Coming up another ledge:

Another ledge:

Coming up the same ledge:

Stopped for a group picture:

Back on the trail again:

We made it to the end - no volunteers to drive up to the top:

We did walk up to the top though:

Coming back down:

Sometimes it's more fun coming down then going up:


Date: 6/2/2013 - small Sunday Drivers group run

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


We met at the gas station and drove here to air down:

Into the draw:

Even at the beginning there are some rocks to navigate:

A small waterfall:

Everyone picking a line:

One of the local residents watch us all drive by:

Some tress are down in here:

An interesting rock:

Back down into the rocks:

What's the best way up?

Time for lunch:

Back among the rocks again:

They never seem to end:

Jesse took a wrong turn and found this new obstacle:

Turning to try it too:

Going up:

These flowers were all over the place:

Up into the filter:

Everyone is heading up:

This way:

Another one up:

One more up:

Last one up:

Heading up to meet with everyone else:

Stopped at the top of the filter:

Continuing on:

Parked just before the final waterfall:

Nobody driving up today:

Heading back down the filter:

Heading down the last part of the filter:

Almost back to the dirt road:

Don't get great mileage on this trail:

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