Philips X-treme Power Headlamps



The Mod:

Update the headlights to Philips X-treme.

What it does:

Philips x-treme headlights provide up to 80% more light than stock. Who can't use more light when you're out on a dark trail at night?


Here's the package:

First, you have to remove the grill and set it aside. Look here for instructions.

Next, remove the 4 Torx screw holding the headlamp fixture to the Jeep:

Pull out the headlamp fixture out enough to see the connector. Push the red tab out:

Push down on the green tab and slide the connector off the lamp:

Headlamp fixture removed:

Headlamp fixture:

Twist and remove the stock lamp:

You never want to get grease/oil on these lamps, so I wear clean rubber gloves. Remove one of the lamps from the package (they were really securely seated in the plastic):

Install the new lamp into the fixture with a twist:

Connect the lamp to the power. Don't forget to slide the red tab back when the connector is in place:

I first seated the fixture without the ring - dot at the top and the fixture is flush on the Jeep:

I then set the ring on top - the four tabs should be flush:

Resecure the fixture with the four screws:

So, is it 80% brighter? I don't think so. Is it brighter? I think so. I'm happy the bulbs are the same color as the stock bulbs (I didn't want blue bulbs). From this angle/picture can you see any difference in intensity or color? I can't. The Philips bulb is on the right (drivers side):

All of my shots are fairly short range, and, well you be the judge. Low beams with Philips on the left, stock on the right:

High beams with Philips on the left, stock on the right:

Low beams, Philips on both sides:

High beams, Philips on both sides:

From this short distance there does not appear to be a huge difference between the stock and Philips bulbs. When following another vehicle the driver informed me the new lamps were brighter and whiter than the older stock bulbs. Also, on the street they seem better. I have not taken them to a completely dark area yet.


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