MyGIG Microphone



The Mod:

Add a microphone to the MyGIG unit.

What it does:

The microphone permits hands free operation of a blue tooth telephone, and also permits hands free operation of the MyGIG unit.


Here's what you get. The CB isn't used (use the most current MyGIG software instead):

Using a putty knife and cloth pop off the top console cover and set it aside:

Remove the two screws that hold that top of the center console trim:

Remove the two air vents:

To get a little more room to work, use the putty knife and cloth pop out the center console center clips:

Remove the four screws that hold the radio in place:

Slide back the radio:

Connect the big connector to the back of the radio, route the wires with the other radio wires and use two tie wraps to hold the wire in place:

Use the putty knife and cloth to open the panel by the lower right side of the steering wheel:

Pull the wire that is connected to the radio through and connect the microphone wire:

Push the excess wire back behind the panel, and stick the microphone to the panel:

Now to enable the microphone. Turn on your MyGIG:

Hit SEEK UP, SEEK DOWN and MENU to enter Engineering Mode, select OK:

Go down the the page that permits you to Enable VR (Voice Recognition)/HFM (Hands Free Mobile), Select Enable:

It's Enabled. Hit the Arrow at Engineering Mode to go back to normal operation.:

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