Mingus Mountain



The Trail:

We joined the Central Arizona Jeepers on a ride to the top on Mingus Mountain from the East side. After lunch we broke off from the main group and had a smaller group travel down the South and East side to search for Benchmarks and explore the Copper Chief Mine.


1.0-1.5 for the majority of the road, 2.0 before the mine, 1.0 after the mine


Date: 7/19/2009

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, stock tires


Heading out - 23 Jeeps!:

Still heading up:

Hit the Fire Road so time to air down:

A bee getting some food:

Up at the top near the hang glider ramp:

Preparing to launch:

And he's off:

You can see part of the trail we will be traveling below:

You can see Cottonwood toward the left (our final destination):

We drove from the hang glider area to the lunch area and broke out the food:

Another shot of the lunch stop:

Group shot:

Our smaller group headed out to look for benchmarks on the way down to Cottonwood. Jesse finds one:

Yup, it's a benchmark:

A view of Cottonwood from the East side of the mountain:

Another view:


We stopped at this trail for a break, but didn't venture up it in the Jeep. Wonder if it goes to a mine?:

Back on the main road again and still heading down:

Just above the Copper Chief Mine - it's just over the hill:

The road was a little rougher here (doesn't look like it in the picture though):

An active mine in the area:

A shot as we're driving down the road:

Cottonwood in the foreground and the cliffs at Sedona in the background:

Almost down to Cottonwood now:

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