Kilby Rear Shock Skids



The Mod:

Installation of Kilby rear shock skids.

What it does:

Here's a picture of one of my rear shocks and shock pod - the rocks haven't been very nice to them - maybe I could have been more careful driving ;)

Here's a front view

The skids will protect the front and bottom of the pods, and the shocks from further wear.


Here's what you get:

Installation - jack up and support your Jeep and remove a wheel:

Loosen the shock bolt, and use a small jack under the axle and find the spot where the bolt can easily be removed by hand:

Loosen (don't remove) the lower arm bolt:

Now is a good time to clean up your pod and shock. File down the banged up stuff and pant over the bare metal:

All cleaned up and ready to install the skid:

When installing the bolts you need to insert the bolts and hand tighten, use the hand jack to raise the axle to driving position (flat) and then torque the bolts (I used Arm: 125 ft. lbs., Shock: 56 ft. lbs.):

Both bolts torqued. View from the rear:

Another back view:

View from the side:

View from the front:

View from the rear with the tire back on:

Both skids installed. Ready to test them on some rocks:

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