Hi-Lift Jack Mount



The Mod:

Build a Hi-Lift Jack mount.

What it does:

Where to put a Hi-Lift Jack on you stock Jeep? This will permit you to mount a Hi-Lift Jack inside your Jeep just behind the rear seat.


I decided to use the loop at the bottom of the driver’s side rear seat to support the base of the Jack:

And the passenger side roll bar to support the top of the Jack:

Here are the parts:

I took the two Lashing Straps that I purchased at Lowe’s and cut them down to 2’:

I then took the cut end:

And heated it with a match so it won’t fray:

I then cut 3.5” off a 2x4, and made a 1/4" deep by 1.5” wide channel on one of the 3.5” lengths and a small channel down the middle of the other side of the 3.5” length. This is a side view showing the two channels:

Here’s another view:

I then ran a cable tie behind the passenger side roll bar:

And attached the wood block to the roll bar:

I now placed the Jack in the rear with the foot up against the wall and the Jack up against the seat:

And the top of the Jack on top of the wood block with an old sock (to reduce rattling) between the Jack and the roll bar:

I then ran one strap through the loop on the bottom of the drivers side seat:

And the other strap through the top of the Jack, around the roll bar (keep it inside of the seat belt), and through one of the holes in the Jack:

All strapped in place:

Update: I added foam between the wood block/Jack/Bar which makes it easier to keep it from rattling on the trail:

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