4" HIDs



The Mod:

Add two 4" HIDs.

What it does:

When traveling off-road at night the stock lights aren't enough. These HIDs were reviewed in the May '09 Jp Magazine and are a great supplement to the stock lights.


Here's what you get with one kit (you need to purchase two kits to get two lights) and the article in the Jp Magazine:

The lights come with a plastic protective cover and four plastic shipping strips that need to be removed:

Here's a shot of the front without the HIDs installed:

Here's an angled front shot without the HIDs installed:

Here's a shot with the HIDs installed on the tabs on the hoop:

Here's a front angle shot with the HIDs installed on the tabs:

I didn't like airflow placement and didn't like the looks (especially because the HIDs are so deep), so try another location.

I found a place I liked on the bumper, but I had to drill a hole for each light:

After drilling the holes, paint the bare metal:

The bolts were too long, so I cut off some of the excess (cut with both nuts on the bolt, so you can remove the bolts afterwards and clean the threads as necessary):

Add Loctite to the bolt:

Bolt in the lights and level (using a small level) and use a wall to aim the lights. I found I had to add some small washers under the front of the bracket to raise the lights up 1/2 notch to get them to aim where I wanted them:

Front angle shot:

A shot showing the relative location of the front lights on the drivers side:

See Aux Electrical for the wiring hookup.


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