Enhanced Engine Air Filtering



The Mod:

Upgrade the engine air filtering system and adding a filter for the crankcase.

What it does:

The stock air box does not have a tight seal - which becomes obvious when driving in dusty conditions. Sealing material is added to the box to make the connection more airtight. Also, the crankcase shares the stock filter so any dust that leaks by the main filter gets into the engine oil. An additional filter is added to keep dust out of the engine/oil.


Here is the hose that runs from the stock air box (on the right) to the crankcase (on the left). Note that there is no extra filtering:

The stock hose removed (on top), and the new components below (filter link):

Components combined with the stock hose:


The air box doesn't have a good seal for the filter, so I added some grease where the lid contacts the filter:

It's important to find grease that won't melt in the heat and won't react with plastic or rubber:

Put some grease on the lid of the air box (where the filter will contact it):

Add grease on the output port where the hose is clamped:

Add some grease at the engine intake where the hose is clamped to the throttle body:

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