Engineer Pass



The Trail:

Engineer Pass is a scenic trail that takes you to 12,800 feet and brings you down to Lake City. Along the way you'll have scenic vistas, waterfalls, and many mining towns and structures and historical information to view and explore.




Date: 7/9/2010

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


Start of the trail above the tree line:

Not too scenic here:

Heading up the mountain:

Still heading up:

Still heading up:

Still heading up:

Still moving along:

A lonely flower, the roof of a small building, and the valley below:

Moving along:

Nearing the top:

Parked at the top for some pictures:

Scenery on top:

Scenery on top:

Flowers up here:

Flowers up here:

Scenery on top:

Scenery on top:

Scenery on top:

Flowers up here:

Flowers up here:

Scenery on top:

Scenery on top:


Scenery on top:

Scenery on top:

Ready to head to the pass:

Heading out:

At the pass:

A view of the pass:

Heading down:

Some info about the area:

Heading down:

Stopping for more pictures:

Some info about Engineer Pass (between two calderas) and the peaks in the distance:

Heading down:

This house is for sale. Come with a parking area and bridge:

Back down in a valley:

We stopped and took a picture or two:

Moving along again. The slide is the scene of the Big Slide:

Some information about the slide:

The remains of the mine structures:

Moving along again:

Information about the Rose Lime Kiln:

The kiln:

We walked down a bit to see a dual waterfall, but it would take too long to get to the bottom:

A blocked mine:

An old mining town in the distance:

Stopping for some pictures:

A little history:

The dam:

The other side of the dam:

Some of the buildings:

More buildings:

Some buildings above the water:

A local resident:

Like the corner suppport?

Looking back up town:

Ready to move on:

We arrived at Lake City and ate lunch in the park...

...then got ice cream at the San Juan Soda Company:

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