The Trail:

Elvis is a set of three challenging obstacles in a wash. So far we've only seen the first obstacle, and took the easy line/bypass.




Date: 12/13/2009

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


Not the obstacle, just some rocks along the way. Were heading down the wash instead of up the wash:

The obstacle is just around the corner:

This is the easy line/bypass:

Heading up to the obstacle. Brian has done this obstacle before and without lockers decided to go high on the passenger side and avoid the big rock near the center right:

Going high on the passenger side and just avoiding the rock on the drivers side:

Looking good:

Nuts, slid too close to the rock on the drivers side rear tire. Have to back up and try again.

Going higher on the passenger side this time:

Still looking good:

Made it past the rock:

The last part of the obstacle. Just avoid the round rock in the lower left - it likes to eat differentials:

A better view of the obstacle:

Heading in:

Using lockers to climb up over the rock:

Heading over:

Turning out:

Finishing up:

A view of the more difficult portion of the obstacle:

Here's a pretty bad video of negotiating the obstacle. You can maybe make it look a little better if you adjust your video players aspect ratio to 1.333 (Windows Media Player is Tools, Options..., Devices, double click Display, set to 1.333. Don't forget to set it back to 1.000 when you are done).

After the obstacle we finished driving the wash to Price Road.


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