Elbow Cushion



The Mod:

Add cushioning to to the drivers side door armrest.

What it does:

The stock drivers side armrest is plastic - not very comfortable on long trips and bouncing around on the trail. This mod adds some needed cushioning for your elbow.


The stock door - all plastic, no cushion:

Here's the first prototype. It has 6 layers of cushion on the bottom and 3 on the side:

Set in place - feels good in the garage. Will be testing it out later:

It definitely felt better, but still not completely comfortable, so time for the next prototype.

This version uses some leftover laminate floor cushioning. Two layers for the bottom, one for the side:

Fabbed up:

In place - again feels good in the garage:

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Last modified: November 13, 2011 05:16:24 PM