Driveshaft Boot Repair - Front



The Mod:

Repair the front boot if the clip strikes the oil pan and does not tear.

What it does:

When you lift your Jeep your front driveshaft may hit the skid plate and rip the boot, or the clip may hit the oil pan and torque the boot, but hopefully not tear it. If your clip hit the pan and only torqued the boot then this mod may help by installing a new clip with a lower profile.


The ear on the original clip hit the transmission oil pan here and twisted the boot:

The original clip is on the left, the replacement clip is on the right. Note the ear on the new clip has a lower profile:

The new "universal" clip is too big:

Cut it down to the correct size so there isn't any excess overlapping metal under the ear:

Slide the boot down over the joint, install the clip, slide the boot back into place:

Clamp the ear and push it down into the shaft to lower its profile:

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Last modified: December 21, 2009 06:36:28 PM