Doorless Mirror



The Mod:

Add outside mirrors when you take off your doors.

What it does:

The outside mirrors are attached to the front doors, so if you take them off you lose your mirrors. These inexpensive mirrors can easily be attached to your Jeep when your doors are removed.


The mirrors - concave mirror (for extra visibility), simple mount to Jeep (for stability), firm tightening of mirror (three screws) to keep the mirror in place:

Added a layer of Duct Tape on the bottom of the bracket so it won't scratch the paint when its mounted:

Mounted to the top screw on the windshield bracket. After adjusting the mirror for driver visibility, tighten the three screws that hold the mirror in place:


We drove the freeway to the trail - no vibrations and decent visibility:

On the trail they held up fine too:

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