DieHard Platinum Battery



The Mod:

Replace the stock (dead) battery with a Group 34 DieHard Platinum battery.

What it does:

When your stock battery dies, what do you buy? For off-roading the standard acid batteries are not optimal. The Sears DieHard Platinum batteries are re-banded Odyssey batteries, which are designed to be used in rough environments and help when you don't drive your vehicle every day.


Here's the new battery:

Since the battery is back near the firewall, it's a lot easier to work with the hood back against the windshield frame. Put a cushion on the frame, disconnect the washer hose on the drivers side, and carefully open the hood back and rest on the cushion:

Here's the stock battery still in place:

Disconnect the hold down screw and bracket, remove the negative wire, the positive wire, use a bungee cord (or equivalent) to hold the wire bundle out of the way, and pull the old battery:

Drop in the new battery, secure it in place with the screw and bracket, connect the positive wire, connect the negative wire, adjust the wire bundle and give it a test:

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