Diamond Point Caves



The Trail:

We joined the Central Arizona Jeepers on a ride to the caves near Diamond Point in Payson. Along the way we stopped at a picked over crystal collection site, though we did find some interesting rocks and animals. The trail to the caves was a little muddy from the recent rain, but was fairly easy going (we didn't even air down).




Date: 5/24/2009

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, stock tires


At the McDonalds in Payson:

The first stop was to search for crystals:

Parked along the road:

Trying to "open" a rock:

A local resident:

A rock in the area:

A couple we collected:

Back on the trail - a muddy water hole to cross:

Another to cross:

Heading down a hill:

Parked at the cave area:

Another shot of the cave area:

The bigger cave. We went in this one:

Heading in:

Found a nice seat with a view:

Some of the formations tat are still there:

Another formation (looks like most of it has been "removed"):

Looks like a Morlock down there:

How do you work this thing?:

Heading back out:

At another cave. It was too small to enter:

Heading back up a hill:

Back through some muddy water hole:

Diamond Point:

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