DeSoto Mine



The Trail:

We got a hole in our Evaporative Canister and bent the passenger side lower control arm bracket on this run. A small lift would have made a big difference. We didn't go over the waterfall.




Date: 2/3/2008

Suspension: Stock


The trail winds up and down along the hills:

Looking down at the first obstacle - the yellow Jeep is being towed up the hill:

Heading down toward the first obstacle:

Along the trail:

Along the trail:

Coming up a hill:

Heading down another obstacle:

Our turn:

Heading toward our bracket bender:

Looking back up the hill:

Along the trail:

Heading up another hill:

Heading into the creek:

Another obstacle:

Pretty rocky bypass:

More creek:

More creek:

Date: 4/22/2012

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, BFG 35x12.50x17


Our small group starting out in Mayer:

We haven't hit the dirt yet, but saw this interesting house:

On the main trail - lots of dust today:

Off the main road and on a smaller less dusty road:

There are a number of gates to open and close:

Getting close, the mine is up in the mountain to the right:

Getting closer. You can see the white tailings in the middle up in the mountian:

Our first stop:

Some flowers in the area:

This a mine shaft that has a cold air blowing out of it - rumors are it does this all year long:

Used to separate minerals:

Another flower in the area:

A view from up a hill looking down at our Jeeps and the surrounding area - we'll be driving up this hill:

Heading up the hill:

More heading up the hill:

We stopped at the top of the hill and waited while a smaller group header to a higher shaft. While waiting, we found some more flowers:

Looks like a lizard want to play:

It's OK to head up - an off-camber portion:

Nearing the higer mine shaft and looking back at the parkig area on top of the hill - one Jeep still there:

Parking at the higher level:

The opening for some big shafts:

Looking back from the bigger shaft area:

Down by some of the bigger shafts:

Looking up from the shafts:

Back down by the parking area:

Somebody wants to drive:

Looking down in some smaller shafts:

Looking back from these smaller shafts:

Next we headed down the mountain, around to the other side, and started heading up to the top:

Still heading up:

On the way up we found this shaft...

...and decided to investigate:

Spiders at the dead end:

Heading up the last little hill at the top:

Two parked at the top:

The view from our Jeep - at the edge of the top:

A view at the top:

Looking down from the top to where we were parked at the upper larger shafts - you can see one Jeep down there:

Trying to get one more up there - not enough room:

Drive off the top to make room for others:

One more up:


A wide angle view from the top looking back from the long trail to the mine:

Time to head down and find a place to eat lunch:

Still heading down:

A pretty good ledge to head down:

A view from down the hill:

Found some shade for lunch:

Lunch break:

Lunch break:

Lunch break:

Lunch break:

Lunch break:

A nice clump of cactus:

Back on the trail:

A bit rocky in this area:

Moving along:

Closing another gate:

Nearing the first obstacle:

Just drove over the rock to the right and heading to the rocks to the left:

Getting a little air:

From the front:



Lots of air:

Continuing in the creek:

Still in the creek:

Still in the creek:

Still in the creek:

Still in the creek:

Still in the creek:

Still in the creek:

Some of the minerals we found:

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