Daystar Dash Panel



The Mod:

Replace the stock dash panel with the Daystar dash panel.

What it does:

The stock dash panel is flat with no area to store things. The Daystar dash panel provides two slots for storage .

The Daystar installation instructions are pretty complete, so I'm not going to repeat them here. After I installed the panel I noticed some rattling from the center console. These instructions here help to alleviate the rattling. Also, the GPS tends to fly off the panel when off-roading, and there is a solution for that problem here too.


Per the instructions remove the panel. This clip that holds the wire for the compass appears to hit the Daystar panel and also touches the radio on the bottom. I decided to remove the clip and replace it with a simple tie wrap. Here's the clip:

Clip removed:

Add some tape to the two wire bundles:

Secure both bundles with a small tie wrap:

I also added some tape to the back side of the antenna module to potential help reduce any vibration:

Antenna module re-installed:

Per the instructions, I re-installed the panel and the rattling is now gone.


We also had a problem with the GPS sliding off the panel, so we secured an elastic band to the back. The GPS can stand up or sideways:


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