Dash Rattle Fix



The Mod:

Attempt to fix a dash rattle.

What it does:

There are always rattles, bumps, knocks, etc. when driving around on bumpy roads, but sometimes there that annoying rattle that you just have to find and fix. Sometimes (primarily on washboard roads) there is one really annoying rattle that sounds like it's somewhere in the dash. This mod attempts to fix the rattle.


I found that I could get the rattle by lightly banging on the dash just below the glove compartment. The rattle sounds like it's coming from the center right of the dash:

Jane helped me to find the culprit. This screw located under the right side of the trim on the center dash has a washer that was just barely not touching, so when there were vibrations it would rattle and send the conduct the noise through the metal frame:

I removed the screw (the washer is attached):

I installed a cardboard washer behind the washer:

After I re-installed the screw I tested for the noise and it's gone.


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Last modified: December 21, 2009 06:36:26 PM