Cooks Ranch



The Trail:

We joined the Central Arizona Jeepers on a ride to Cooks Ranch via Table Mesa Road and FR37. The trail was a little rougher than planned, and there were two Jeep that had mechanical problems, but they got out OK and we made it to the ranch.


1.5 when dry, 2.0 when wet and muddy.


Date: 2/15/2009

Suspension: TeraFlex 2.5" Spring Lift, stock tires


Airing down and talking:

More of the same:

Heading out:

Crossing one of the many streams:

Some scenery:

A stop along the way near the top of a mountain:

Another view:

We have a problem here:

The rear driveshaft is busted. They limped back home using the front driveshaft in 4x4:

Heading down the other side of the mountain:

Another view heading down:

Heading down from inside the Jeep:

Crossing another stream:

A little muddy:

Crossing New River:

View from the other side crossing New River:

Just crossed:

Some boulders along the way:

Another stop before we got to the ranch:

Another view:

A view of New River from the same stop:

At the ranch and time to eat:

A nice stove in the building:

A group shot on the way out at Seven Springs:


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