Console Center Basket



The Mod:

Add a basket to the center of the console.

What it does:

For some reason, there' not a lot of storage spots in the Jeep. This small basket is perfect for small stuff like pens, batteries, cell phones, etc.


Here are the parts for the basket. I got the basket at an office supply store:

You need to drill two holes near between the end magnets on both sides (the pictured hole would be better closer to the center of the two magnets):

Use a permanent marker to color the heads of the screws:

Insert the screws into the basket:

Now, prepare the console. Gently pry up the corners of the console insert:

Pull the center console insert back:

Use the basket with the screws inserted to determine where to drill the two holes in the console insert:

Set the basket in place:

Tighten the screws:

Slide and snap the console insert back into place and push any of the metal basket edges around the screw heads. Use a permanent marker to clean up and areas that were scratched:


Fill 'er up:

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