Console Armrest



The Mod:

Add a armrest to the console.

What it does:

The console is not quite high enough or soft enough to rest your arm on it. This armrest makes a soft pad for your arm while driving.


I bought this console armrest and storage bin:

It has this extra storage area which is nice (you can't have enough storage area in the Jeep):

Unfortunately, when I set it on top of my console to see how it worked I quickly realized that it sits way to high. My right arm would be way higher than my left arm when driving, so I decided to modify it to remove the storage box and only use the bracket and cushioned door. First, unscrew the hinge for the top door:

Remove all of the hardware:

Unscrew the hardware and cut the straps:

Top removed:

Remove all of the hardware from the bottom of the storage box to free the bracket:

Bracket removed:

There's a plastic storage tray inside of the top that is held in place by glue on the edges - remove it:

I took the bracket and top to the Jeep and adjusted the top until it had the best feel for my arm. I then used 6 angle brackets and screws to hold it in place and glued the entire setup with JB Weld (because the center part where I screwed in the screws did not feel very thick or strong):

Glued in place and I used a Sharpie to tone down the Quadratec emblem:

I may have a use for these parts:

Not sure if I'll have a need for these parts:

Mounted in place - positioned just right:

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