Bulldog Fab Rear Stubby Bumper



The Mod:

Time to upgrade the stock plastic rear bumper to a Bulldog Fab shorty bumper.

What it does:

Since it's metal you can use a Hi-Lift Jack and since its a shorty it provides a better exit from rock faces for the tires.


The original bumper from the rear:

A side view of the original bumper:

I ordered an unfinished bumper so I could powder coat it myself:

The new bumper powder coated below the old bumper:

Remove the two bolts on the frame on both sides of the Jeep frame:

Remove the top bolt and loosen the bottom bolt from the two locations in the middle of the bumper:

Remove the old bumper. With the help of someone else carefully lift the new bumper into place, hand tighten all bolts then tighten all bolts. Here's the two bolts on the passenger side tightened:

The new bumper in place:

The final view from the rear:

View of the side:

Another view of the side:

Update: I got 35s and there wasn't enough clearance in the notch for the spare, so I took the bumper to Savage Sun 4x4 to have Don modify the notch. First he decided how to make the mod and marked up the bumper:

Next, he cut out the hole for the new notch with a cut off wheel and plasma cutter:

Next, center support plate tack welded in place:

Next, all of the support plates welded in place:

Next, spray with primer before welding on thinner "aesthetic" metal:

Final layer cut and ready to be welded in place:

Welded in place, need to be ground down:


Next, spray with semi-gloss black:

Back on the Jeep:

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